ORWAK 3600

Companies with large amounts of packaging materials need a quick, safe and profitable way to handle them. Our largest and strongest front loading baler, the 3600, has a 50 ton press force and can do the biggest jobs.

Easy loading

The automatic, well balanced sliding door makes the loading of large material quick and easy. The door can be easily locked with one hand. Operator safety is optimalised.

No one pays for air - why should you?

The Orwak 3600 baler tells the operator when the bale reaches determined size. The full bale (with 3600 up to 500 kg) is secured by nylon straps or steel wires. Squeeze the air out of waste and reduce the volume by up to 10:1. The 9/10 is air.

High density bales mean lower transport costs

Energy saving, smart technical solutions and extra strong exposed details give increased lifetime and reliable function. Front loading and a smart, safe and user friendly ejecting system. Compacting packaging materials means a higher degree of environmental protection. 50 ton press force eliminates expensive air transports. Orwak security system guarantees safety for both the operator and those nearby.

Technical Data
Size 2980x1737x1104 mm
Weight 2070 kg
Loading Aperature Size 1144x600 mm
Pressure 50000 kg
Press Force 5.4 kg/cm2
Cycle Time 42 s
Bale Weight 450 kg
Bale Size 1200x800x1000 mm
Electrical Data
Operating Voltage 3x400 V
Control Voltage 24 V AC/DC
Frequency 50 Hz
Effect 5 kW
Current 25 A
Connection 5 pin CEE
Other Data
Piston Stroke 850
Protection Class IP55
Noise Level 70 dB